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The Wandering Cloud is a clinical and educational initiative dedicated to the enhancement of the expression of life's energies in all forms. As a natural and holistic form of intervention, ancient Chinese medicine emphasizes the wisdom of the mind-body-environment dynamic and its expression in each individual. This simple act of treating the patient can provide astonishing results, often in cases where conventional methods have proven ineffective. Create an improved quality of life free of the limitations of chronic disease through effective lifestyle practices, herbal medicine, and acupuncture to affect positive change when and where it is needed most...HERE and NOW!


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I’d been experiencing hives for the past 8 months and I had no idea what could be causing them. No matter what I did or didn’t do, they just kept on fiercely erupting all over my face and body in my sleep night after night. The itching was unbearable - many nights I longed to unzip my skin and climb out of my body.

I was taking three times the maximum dose of about 7 different antihistamines and had also tried a prednisone burst, but my hives just continued to get worse. By the time I got to the initial consultation with Bryan, I was not only afraid but also frustrated. The perceptive kindness that was shown to me was incredibly soothing. I discovered a sense of hope that even though I may not know what is causing this, this is something that my body is finding necessary and it can be a healing journey if I simply get out of the way and open up to it. I loved how Bryan’s team honestly viewed me as a whole person, asked me all manner of questions, and taught me to consider myself and my experience in the big picture. By considering this affliction against the backdrop of my actual life - past/present, known/mysterious unknown, body/mind/emotion/spirit - I was able to develop an actual appreciation for this experience.

I have now been absolutely hives-free for the past two weeks. This herbal medicine has blown me away and I love it!
— Carolyn
I am incredibly grateful for the care I’ve received from Bryan. I came to him with a complex illness including chronic infections, multiple autoimmune conditions, fatigue, anxiety and a slew of other symptoms. I’d seen over a dozen doctors and was on an extremely long list of supplements and not making any sustainable progress one symptom would disappear and another would pop up. After seeing Bryan for a few months many of my most troubling symptoms began to dissipate and eventually disappear. Because of his care I’ve been able to decrease my supplements and medications to a few while feeling better and more stable at the same time. This is huge! The regimen I was on was extremely expensive and difficult to maintain a normal life while on. He is highly educated in acupuncture/chinese medicine and has always taken the time to answer my many questions and let me know the trajectory of my treatment and progress which was invaluable during the darker times. He is compassionate, and I feel sincerely interested in my health and well being which is maybe the most crucial factor in a patient/ practitioner relationship. Because of my treatment with Bryan I have been given back a quality of life and the belief in my body’s ability to heal which is priceless.
— Kim
I came to Bryan with a sense of hopefulness after hearing him speak about his practice of Chinese herbalism. For years I had been struggling with a slew of symptoms, undiagnosed and unable to be treated with Western Medicine. Bryan was the first practitioner who seemed to comprehend me in my entirety, and I began weekly treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas. Within a few months, I began to sense tangible changes happening within me that had never shifted before, despite seeing other acupuncturists and herbalists for a few years prior. My debilitating headaches and insomnia began to dramatically lessen, followed by a beginning ability to cope with anxiety.

After one year of treatment, I began to realize a level of health that I didn’t even know was missing for me. My bloodwork also confirmed this, revealing that I was now regularly ovulating and that my adrenal stress levels had drastically decreased. I finally felt that I was approaching a place of stability in my health, which was a huge and very much needed relief. I had previously held fears that my hormonal issues would make it difficult for me to have a child in the future, and these worries continued to abate with the progressing health of my monthly cycles. I continued treatment for another year, lessening my visits to once monthly for continued support. In this second year I saw continued resolution of all of the symptoms I came in with, and began to step into a new way of being that I didn’t previously realize was possible for me.
Besides the precise herbal formulas and acupuncture treatments, I really appreciated Bryan’s straightforward and kind reflections during my healing journey. There were many times where what I most needed was direct and intentional guidance given with a compassionate heart, and Bryan met me exactly where I needed to be met. He was a source of strong support and wisdom that helped me through some of the most difficult transitions in my life.

Throughout this process, I became very aware of the detrimental ways I had been living my life thus far, and began the process of developing a life that was sustainable and supportive of health. As a student of Chinese Medicine, I was able to learn this medicine by feeling, living, and ingesting it, which allowed for the development of strong internal knowing and trust in its efficacy. This process also invoked a deep inquiry into all aspects of myself, leading me to have a very profound healing journey that cannot be easily summarized in just a few short paragraphs. This work with Bryan was the catalyst and turning point in my life, and my gratitude will never be able to be contained in writing.

I am now ready to graduate from Chinese Medicine school and start my own practice from a healthy, sustainable place. I feel confident in my health that I will be able to create and manifest the life that I dream of, including having a family in the future. I attribute much of this complete life transformation to Bryan’s practice of Chinese Medicine and to my dedication and commitment to following his guidance.
— Jessica