Jacques Pialoux

As a key figure in the transmission of the French-Indochina lineage of acupuncture and the groundbreaking work of legend George Soulié de Morant, Jacques Pialoux dedicated over forty years of his life to the study and practice of traditional medicine. The intricate system of acupuncture that Jacques practiced and taught draws upon his extensive research of the principles of the Yi Jing as the energetic interface that binds the material and the spiritual levels of Heaven and Earth. Working entirely without needles, Jacques emphasized subtle awareness and the connection to the healing power of Nature as the foundation of all acupuncture practice.

As an embodiment of the true healer in every sense of the word, Jacques radiated the light of compassion and was tireless in his commitment to serving others. As co-founder and General Secretary of Acupuncture Without Borders – Switzerland, he was engaged in extensive humanitarian work in the form of acupuncture education programs for practicing physicians in several African countries, as well as Haïti and China. His Guide to Acupuncture and Moxibustion has helped a countless number of students reimagine the practice of traditional acupuncture and improve their clinical results.

The full list of Jacques’ publications include: 

  • "Le Diamant Chauve ou la Tradition des Evidences" (A General Theory of Energy Systems Based on the I Ching – in French)– Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (1979-1983-1993). To be published in Chinese in 2019.

  • "Le 8ème Jour de Ptah - Traité des vingt-deux arcanes de la science d'Al Kemit" - Ed. des Deux Océans - Paris (1993)

  • "Thérapeutique Spirituelle et Tradition universelle" (Spiritual Healing and Universal Tradition – in French)– Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (1996). Published in Chinese, ISBN 978-7-5325-6515-3

  • "L'Âme du Dragon - Précis d'Astrologie Energétique et Esotérique" (The Soul of the Dragon – Treatise on Energetic and Esoteric Astrology) – Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (1997)

  • "Guide d'Acupuncture et de Moxibustion" – Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (2001); published in Chinese, ISBN 978-7-80709-322-0; translated into English under the title "Guide to Acupuncture and Moxibustion"

  • "Denderah - Sept soffites de la salle hypostyle du grand temple" (Seven soffits from the ceiling of the hypostyle hall of the Great Temple – in French) – Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (2003)

  • Jacques Martin-Hartz & Jacques Pialoux: "Le Dragon de Jade - Atlas d'Acupuncture" (The Jade Dragon – An Atlas of Acupuncture – in French) – Ed. Fondation Cornelius Celsus (1983); publication in Chinese pending.