Dr. Li Xin

After completing his undergraduate studies in Chinese medicine at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Li Xin went on to receive a Masters degree in psychology from the Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine. He was mentored in his early years by Dr. Song Zuomin, a recognized national cultural treasure and Chinese medical pediatrics specialist. His sophisticated yet simple approach is inspired by the likes of Zhang Zhongjing, Sun Simiao, Li Dongyuan, and Ye Tianshi. He has tested and refined his skills through twenty years of clinical work, systematically unraveling complex pathologies by diagnosing and treating the source. 

In recent years, Li Xin has shifted his focus to educational initiatives, lecturing throughout China, Europe and North America. He serves as a consultant for the Shanghai Zidao Jingshe Center for Traditional Culture, Beijing Dongwen Center for Chinese Medicine, and is a continuing education provider for the Swiss Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners (AS-CA  SWISS). His most recent book, Lectures on Pediatrics: Children’s Health, Psychology, and Education through the Eyes of a Chinese Medical Practitioner was the number one bestseller in health and wellness for 2017 on Dang Dang Wang, China’s largest online book retailer. He is also the co-author of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Back to the Sources for a Modern Approach.